Q: Can anyone join or attend your events?
A: Yes everyone is welcome.

Q: How do i become a member?
A: Attend a pay and play event and fill in the forms on the day. It is not possible to become a member on green lane events.

Q: How often do you hold an event?
A: Usually once a month.

Q: Are all vehicle allowed and do i need an MOT/TAX?
A: Yes most vehicles are allow and you do not need an MOT, however you must pass our safety checks. The main items are:
Seat belts for all occupants,
Recovery points front and rear of a standard high enough to enable recovery,
Battery secured so it won’t spark,
No heavy items that may cause injury within the vehicle,
Vehicle must be of a standard that is safe and not going to cause injury.

Q: What is the minimum driving age?
A: Drivers aged between 14 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: What are the site rules?
A: Please see the club rules section HERE

Q: What happens if i don’t comply with the rules?
A: Depending on the severalty you will either receive a warning or be removed from site. The rules are here for the safety of all.

Q: What recovery equipment do i need?
A: It is recommended at a minimum you bring a rated/stamped recovery strop and 2 rated/stamped bow shackles for attachment. As you visit more often you may wish to expand this as you see what others use or by speaking to a marshal. We can’t stress enough that good quality, well looked after equipment is important. If in doubt ask a marshal to help or see our equipment section HERE

Q: How much does an event cost?

A: Most events are £30 for members and £35 for non members. This £35 can include your first years membership if you want it to. £5 per extra driver is also required – member or not.